Friday, 15 July 2011

A guide to short evening dress

Fashion experts opine that short evening dresses can be the appropriate dress choice when attending a formal party, friendly get-together of old friends and some select social events. Short evening dresses are indeed a provocative way to show some skin, but if designed and tailored properly they can be used to tastefully highlight feminine elegance and charm.

Apart from sexy looks, girls are eager to wear short evening dresses as they are comfortable to move around and you need not worry about stumbling on the floor. Many designers give evening dresses a lot of importance. You can see these evening dresses in fashion shows around the world and the styles of dresses will truly amaze you.

As many ladies fancy wearing short evening dresses, there are today in the market hundreds of different styles of these short dresses - thus making the right selection a daunting task. So, before venturing out to buy short evening dresses, it is better to become familiar about some of the key aspects that will help you to correctly decide.

Short evening dresses come in all different colors and are of some amazing styles such as strapless, one shoulder, off the shoulder, baby doll, and many other modern and unique kinds.

The one big secret you should be aware of is - the short evening dress you pick must highlight certain perfect parts of your body while simultaneously underplaying the parts of your body that are somewhat imperfect. The best evening short dress that you can buy is the one that will flatter your body figure. Make sure that you can get a dress that will make your body figure grab attention and win the adulation of all the guests present.

For instance, if your legs look elegant and you are eager to show them, then this is possible by wearing a short dress. If you are proud of your arms and shoulders, do not hesitate to wear strapless short evening dresses. If you have unattractive broad hips, you can easily play it down by selecting a dress that that gently drapes your hips rather than flares over your hip.

If your frame is somewhat boyish without any noticeable contours, then creating curves might be ideal. To create curves, choose a short evening dress with accents at either the hips or bust. There is the enviable hourglass figure that most women would like to have. When choosing a short evening dress based on your body type, the aim is usually to balance the body and give the appearance of an hourglass figure.

Likewise the color choice of your short evening dress can dramatically change your overall appearance – slimming, lengthening or broadening your physical frame. If you decide to select a few short evening dresses that have color patterns, make sure that you select a color pattern that provide the visual effects you desire. If you are tall, you go for the horizontal stripes and if you are short opt for the vertical stripes!

Silk or any silky fabric is considered to be one of the best materials you can use for evening short dress. Fewer hemlines will highlight your voluptuous shoulders and if you choose to show some cleavage, it will certainly give your body a sexy look. Another style that keeps men glued to you may be the strapless with one strap for shoulder support. The gasps, the looks and the compliments are just part of the reason why women are crazy about wearing a short evening dress.

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